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Garry Richard Gilchrist

Big girl in a small town

Garry Richard Gilchrist studied at Glasgow School of Art between 1969 and 1971.

He has spent the majority of the last twenty years living and working from his studio in London, and has exhibited extensively in both the UK and the USA.

Garry’s work specifically depicts the euphoria, the fragility, the beauty, the mayhem, and the hilarity of modern day, urban life. His poetic paintings take us on  a rollercoaster journey, via a cast of angels, princes, villains and rogues, that simultaneously ascend, swoop, teeter, swagger and stagger their way through personified, kaleidoscopic cityscapes.

His work reflects the precarious chance and the gamble of life in the 21st Century and its ultimate universal pathos. Garry delivers his message in a totally unique voice.

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Tom Moore

The Gate

Tom’s diaphanous paintings suspend  and encapsulate fleeting moments in time. They allow the viewer the opportunity to contemplate and reflect upon a sensory and emotional reaction to environments and situations, that cannot be specifically conveyed through literal, modern day media, such as photography.

His work, whilst exploring perceived notions of beauty, veers between the meditative and the menacing, the ethereal and the eerie. His ability to convey light and it’s nuance is peerless.

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Tim Woolcock

River Slaney

Tim has enjoyed great success in recent years with repeated sell out shows in the UK and US.

He has by his own admission been greatly influenced by the great Modern English painters, such as Hitchens, Heron and Pasmore and is proving a worthy successor to their tradition.

His paintings demonstrate his clear-eyed take on the essential elements of the British landscape, in all of it’s shades and moods, using abstraction to both emphasise and reveal its grandeur, texture, scars and hiccups.

He is an unmistakably British artist in his tone and choice of subject matter, but one who is working to a consistently international standard.

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Roberto Pruneddu


Roberto Pruneddu is an Italian artist from the small town of Velletri in the Lazio Region.

Roberto has travelled extensively throughout India and Africa, whose form, imagery and magic are subconsciously embedded in his work.

Many of Roberto’s paintings commence from a foundation of  infinitismal pin-prick detail and gradually acquire layers that progressively erupt and explode into beautiful, precisely stitched, chaos, warmth and delight.

He paints with an uninhibited, vibrant, Mediterranean palette and  the childlike, quirky charm  of  his paintings accurately reflect both his own beguiling imagination, as well as acknowledging influences that range from Cezanne to Miro, Picasso and Klee.

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