Peter Cameron Fine Art

"The underpinning dialogue continues to remain the same this being that the work as ever seeks to challenge our perceived notion of beauty. This dialogue is becoming ever more pertinent the more that today's society becomes immersed in the culture of celebrity. Our fix on reality and beauty is being conditioned by the media and fed by our acquisitiveness and our own feelings of insecurity....... rather than upon logic and our own observations.

The strategy for my paintings is one of chaos and order and process led. There are references to the conventions of the mechanically produced image without being drawn directly from one. Such devices as areas of out of focus, photographic flatness, panning etc allude to photography and the moving image as an acknowledgement to the fact that we see far more of these
images than paintings in our everyday life. These devices allied to gesture and aesthetics are there with the attention of connecting with the viewer in order to encourage their engagement.

The light itself is always the final conundrum. It is intentionally subdued to impede a quick resolution by the viewer and make their task reliant more upon shared experience and recollection. The lack of clarity is there to impedes and to leave a confident resolution hanging in the balance.

Denying a quick and easy resolution takes one back to the underpinning dialogue in urging the viewer look beyond the superficial."


Tom Moore

Tom’s diaphanous paintings suspend  and encapsulate fleeting moments in time. They allow the viewer the opportunity to contemplate and reflect upon a sensory and emotional reaction to environments and situations, that cannot be specifically conveyed through literal, modern day media, such as photography.

His work, whilst exploring perceived notions of beauty, veers between the meditative and the menacing, the ethereal and the eerie. His ability to convey light and it’s nuance is peerless.