Peter Cameron Fine Art

Tom Moore

From 1st September 2008, presents new work by Tom Moore in a new exhibition entitled “Terrible Beauty”.

The paintings continue to explore the theme of contemporary notions of beauty and their relationship with, and transmission through, digital and mechanical media, whilst at the same time highlighting its limitations, distortions and experiential extent.

Through the traditional visual language of oil on canvas, the work seeks to engage modern audiences, more used to the day to day drip feed of easy visual solutions, by deploying nuanced references to familiar televisual, cinematic and photographic techniques.

The process of resolution is then dependent upon the dialogue between the viewer, their experience and empathy, and the work and the effort that they are prepared to commit. The paintings deliberately offer no easy fix.

Ultimately, the work seeks to reward the integrity of experience through time, consideration and meaningful engagement, whilst simultaneously exposing the depth and limitation of modern communication.

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